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we provide specialized detection dogs, trained on very specific scents and substances to suit our customer’s individual requirements.

Our teams are usually deployed in challenging environments such as airports, transportation hubs, leisure venues, and critical national infrastructure sites, however, with the versatility of the team, most environments can be managed.

The list of substances we have training capabilities in includes (but is not limited to):
• Explosives – As per Home Office guidelines
• Drugs – illicit or prescription
• Pyro
• Foodstuffs – included meat and dairy
• Bed Bugs
• Human Detection
• Currency
• Tobacco
• SIM Cards/Mobile telephone

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A fully trained Explosive Detection Dog Search team is an invaluable resource. The team is capable of locating an Improvised explosive device in any area containing an explosive sample from as little as 5 grams. The dog’s olfactory system can detect trace elements of the explosives even after they have been removed from a scene. With the capacity to detect all listed home office scents. as a standard trained dog SFS has the ability and knowledge to add explosive scents to the dogs training that have been flagged in a specific operational environment. An EDD dog is also trained to search and detect explosives on all vehicle platforms including aircraft and due to the size and temperament they can be transported easily on rotary aircraft to provide a fast assurance to security teams operating remotely. All of the EDD dogs have undergone a rigorous training package of 2 months with a highly qualified trainer.


With Operational search experience in almost all Middle Eastern conflicts, our trainers are able to imprint on the dogs the high standards required to operate successfully and easily identify dogs without the capability to do such a high demanding role. This experience drives down the rejection rates of dogs that simply do not have the drive to Search when mobilized to a warmer climate which in turn reduces the cost to the client.


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All SFS Drug detection dogs are trained to the highest standards within their own discipline. SFS has the ability to offer both Passive and Proactive Drug detection dogs. Our passive detection dogs have been utilized extensively in both arena and festival event scenarios and have been tested and approved by an independent NASDU inspector. With each dog trained to find the full suite of narcotics including cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin, and legal highs SFS can offer a very good indication that a venue is drug-free at the entry points they have been deployed. Our proactive drug dogs have been utilized recently to provide an assurance that nothing has been placed into a venue prior to an event starting.


This is generally utilized where the intelligence of possible drug use is at an event following a low-priced, lesser security in the days preceding the event to take place. All K9 teams complete monthly continuation training.

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