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On many occasions, our clients have claimed that having a dog handler on their sites is, “The best form of Physical Security”.

Do you want to keep your business or property and its possessions safe and secure?

SFS offers a great security dog service to safeguard your property. Each Dog Handler will have a trained security dog. Deploying a security Canine team is proven to be more efficient and more of a deterrent.

Security Dogs are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden persons within the site boundaries they are trained to protect their handler and the property by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression.  The Dogs are also trained to accept other people in their environment and to only react, on command, of their handler if a specific threat is made against the handler which prevents general aggressive behaviors.

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Whether it is for a specific event or premises that needs constant protection, we can help to prevent you from becoming a victim of crime. We have a team of professional dog handlers and well-trained dogs working round the clock, so you can rest assured that your property is well guarded.


A Security dog’s sharp senses of sight, sound, and smell mean that just one Dog Handler performs the work of several static security guards, making your investment in security dogs and handlers a cost-effective decision.

This incorporates - General Protection, Specialist Detection, and Canine Training.

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General protection dogs are what the name states, protection of clients and their assets they are a proven deterrent to the criminal minded.

All K9 teams are trained to a very high standard and accredited with Nasdu qualification, they also comply with SIA and British standards, the team completes monthly CT training to ensure any new practice and old skills are maintained to a world-class standard.

Demonstrations of different breeds are available, some of the company handlers are decorated handlers, we have a mixture of male and female handlers, also ex-military and police

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