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At SFS UK Ltd we use the latest market-leading technology to proactively meet our inward-outward security approach.

Most outdoor sites are uncontrolled environments; Our RSI Wireless Camera video verification systems prove vital in eliminating costly false alarms and detecting potential threats for industrial, commercial, and residential sites.

Using this technology allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to your security. RSI enables both robust, reliable, and flexible protection solutions in remote areas where no mains power is available. It can be used as a standalone system, as a cost-effective measure to reduce physical manpower or as an extremely effective additional measure to bolster our layered security ethos.

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RSI Wireless Camera Systems are wire-free intruder alarm systems with integrated video verification which on activation, records and transmits a 10 seconds video alarm clip to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

The system connects to an ARC via 2G/3G technology. This means wherever there is a mobile phone signal, RSI can operate. Battery life for all devices, including the control panel, is up to 4 years. A variety of control panels are available for single (GPRS) or dual path communication (GPRS/IP) back to the ARC depending on the requirement.


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Each wireless RSI Outdoor Motion Viewer (OMV) combines a static camera, infrared illuminator, and passive detector. Upon activation of the passive detector the camera records and transmits a short (10 second) clip, which is then transmitted to the SFS service partner EMCS ARC as an alarm.

The footage is then observed by the ARC operators and guided by strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), the EMCS ARC operator will then review the cause of activation and initiate a response accordingly.

This will be:
1.) Activate Audio Warning Device
2.) Deploy Police
3.) Deploy Mobile Response
4.) Alert client POC

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RSI is extremely robust and is proven for protecting remote sites, outdoor locations, and assets in harsh environments. Areas where RSI excels in providing the ideal protection to:

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Void Property

Construction sites

Solar Farms

Agricultural land

Demolition sites 

Remote Substations

Residential Perimeter Security

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